Company Background

‘THE ROYAL NOBLE’ ~ Bangsawan Resources is a 100% bumi company that prepares and supplies ‘Ready To Eat’ concept and focuses on pasta food where Pasta Sardine is our ‘signature dish’. Our ‘RTE’ Food Technology Products comes with international heating elements.

We the only company brings ‘PASTA SARDINE NUMBER ONE MALAYSIA’ through the innovation of food technology with nutritious healthy and diet food in the product. Located in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, this company was established in 2019.

Our productions use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factory services that recognized as Good Manufacturing Services or GMP Malaysia (Good Manufacturing Practices) and we also have JAKIM Halal certification approval.

We have the exclusive simplify eating solutions and competitive product because we have the NASA’s technology food innovation in our ready to eat product based in Malaysia. The company also carries a healthy and clean Malaysian food menu without any preservatives.

The company is focused on supplying global and international brands in the near future.

Our Vision

Our VISION to be a provider and manufacturer in the international HALAL Ready To Eat Food Technology industry. We also provide a ‘rare’ flavor of a combination of local and international food ‘FUSION TASTE’ to be enjoyed by all sections of society and ages, in addition to our healthy food menu.

Our Mission

  • Easy to get the product and enjoy with your loved ones.
  • Joint ventures and collaborate with other companies that have the potential to go global together.
  • Apply the feeling of love while sharing the taste while enjoying our food products.
  • Ensure quality products and reach international standards.
  • Remains the deliciousness taste of the meals and also acceptable products.
  • Produce a variety of menus that are ‘rare’ according to needs and demands.
Our Logo

  • The word ‘B’ represents the word ‘BANGSA USAHAWAN‘ or BUSINESSMAN
  • ‘Tanjak’ icon represents the identity of heroism and is willing to fight for success
  • The golden color represents the exclusive symbolic of the expensive value of ‘RARE’
  • The ‘groove/ wave’ represents the unifying wave through a combination of fusion taste of Asian and European meals
  • ‘THE ROYAL NOBLE’ is a brand name carry by Bangsawan Resources company
  • ‘Bangsawan Taste’ is an international fusion taste tag-line